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Thank you for visiting PAWS FUR ME PET SALON™, a full-service grooming salon.

In-home nail trimming appointments are available for small and large dogs, as well as cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

    $20 per pet for dogs and cats

    $15 per pet for guinea pigs and rabbits

Dogs and cats MUST be current on rabies vaccine.

Locations served (no exceptions):

  1. - Forest Hill

  2. - Fallston

  3. - Bel Air

  4. - Jarrettsville   

I am accepting new cats and dogs (under 50 lbs).

"Nail trimming only" appointments are always available for small AND large dogs, as well as cats.

Due to the ongoing high cost of repairs to the grooming vehicle, Paws Fur Me is no longer mobile.  The grooming bus is permanently parked at the site of

        Baron’s K9 Country Store

        525 Pritt Lane

        Bel Air, MD 21014

and pets continue to be groomed there.

  1.   Full-service grooming/bathing is available for dogs UNDER 50 lbs.  No exceptions.

  1.   Lion cuts for cats are available.  No bathing is offered for cats due to the stress it causes them.

  1.   Grooming is still done one at a time, with no caging.

  1.   Pick-up is immediate upon completion of grooming.  A call will be made prior to the end of grooming so there is no wait time for pet or owner.

  1.   Multiple dogs can be brought together, within the same family.

  1.   Average groom time for small to medium dogs is 60-90 min, coat quality and behavior depending.

  1.   Your pet sees the same groomer every time.

  1.   Relaxing music is played to keep a calming atmosphere.

Hours of service are by appointment only.

Please call 443-243-6670


Award winning groomer specializing in classic AKC styling and cats!

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